September 26, 2023

Vaccine Update Sept. 2023

INFLUENZA VACCINE We have the high dose influenza vaccine for adults over the age of 65.  We also have the standard dose vaccine for those under the age of 65.  The CDC recommends influenza vaccine for all people over the age of 6 months.  This is available on a walk-in basis in our office.  The month of October is the ideal time to get this vaccine. COVID 19 VACCINE, a new formulation as of September 2023 based on the current OMICRON XBB sub-variant. It is recommended for all people over the age of 6 months.  I recommend it specifically for […]
December 17, 2022


BAD NEWS:There is a confluence of all three viruses occurring now. This means you can get COVID and the RSV virusand the flu virus all at the same time. The hospital emergency rooms tell us this. Apparently, since theonset of the pandemic in 2020 with the lockdowns and school closures, there has been very little flu andRSV. Now that community gatherings are again happening such as weddings, reunions, Thanksgivingand Christmas; COVID and other viral diseases are more easily spread. In addition, community immunityis down in the absence of these diseases. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is typically a pediatric disease but […]