The concierge model limits the size of the practice compared to an average of 3,000 patients in the traditional model. With this kind of practice, there is a yearly fee which covers the annual comprehensive wellness and physical exam (similar to an executive physical) with extensive testing and ongoing follow up. This is a fee that pays for services not generally covered by Medicare or private insurance nor can it be submitted for reimbursement from your insurance company. All visits aside from the comprehensive annual wellness exam are (can be) submitted to insurance and/or Medicare for payment. This model allows us to spend more time with you (30 minutes for a routine appointment and 2 hours for the annual wellness exam).

Concierge Medicine


A limited practice of general  Internal Medicine or Family Practice in which a yearly fee is charged.  In my practice the patient number is limited to 400 patients (in contrast to a traditional practice which may have as many as 3000 patients).

Why pay an extra fee for concierge medicine?

There is nothing more important than your health.  Providing an annual physical is part of preventive medicine which is not always available in a traditional practice.  Having an appointment the same day you call can sometimes make a huge difference and keep you out of the hospital.  In fact one large national concierge group reports a 70% reduction in hospitalizations.

What about prevention in concierge medicine?

Having a smaller number of patients allows the doctor to concentrate on your needs in an unhurried way.  Typically an hour or more is allowed for a yearly complete physical.  Time is taken to make sure your are up-to-date on current screening recommendations to prevent heart disease, cancer and other diseases.  We do an extensive battery of tests including ECG, breathing test, vision and hearing tests, test of circulation to feet as well as blood tests with an emphasis on prevention.

Same day/specialist appointments

Many people end up with an expensive visit to the emergency room because they cannot get a timely appointment with their doctor.  We can usually get you in the same or next day.

We make these for  you to expedite your care and make sure you do not get lost in the confusing health care system.

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