Who am I?

Dr. David G. Wilson M.D. is a board-certified specialist in general Internal Medicine. Internal medicine specialists are commonly known as internists. He diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases in adults. He has over 30 years of experience and is well known in the community.

What kind of practice is this?

This is a private primary care general Internal Medicine practice with an emphasis on prevention and disease management. I am not employed by a hospital or any other entity. My practice is limited in size to 400 patients and is commonly called a concierge model.

What is the concierge model?

The concierge model limits the size of the practice compared to an average of 3,000 patients in the traditional model. With this kind of practice, there is a yearly fee which covers the annual comprehensive wellness and physical exam (similar to an executive physical) with extensive testing and ongoing follow up. This is a fee that pays for services not generally covered by Medicare or private insurance nor can it be submitted for reimbursement from your insurance company. All visits aside from the comprehensive annual wellness exam are (can be) submitted to insurance and/or Medicare for payment. This model allows me to spend more time with you (30 minutes for a routine appointment and 2 hours for the annual wellness exam).

Why did I do this?

After spending many years in traditional private practice we noticed changes in the delivery of care that were not to my liking. I could no longer spend an adequate amount of time with patients and had to relinquish much of patient care to mid-level practitioners – including the skill that we as internists do best: the annual physical exam. I wanted to spend more time with our patients reviewing their care and medications, coordinating medical care with specialists, preventing hospitalizations and disease, and providing counseling for the most up to date methods of improving health. I believe that you shouldn’t have to be an executive to get an executive style physical. I also believe you shouldn’t have to be a VIP to get an urgent appointment with a specialist. These important issues can be expedited in this kind of practice.

Why pay an additional fee for medical care?

The single best investment you can make is in your health care. I provide you with an annual comprehensive physical exam which can last up to two hours and is responsible for the majority of the cost of the program. This style of practice allows the physician to spend more time with the patient, whereas the standard medical practice will see one patient every 10-15 minutes. Many practices will handle only one issue per visit due to time constraints. I take the time to deal with most if not all of your problems in one visit. And because I intentionally limit the size of the practice I can offer same or next day appointments. I am your health care advocate. I know each person by name and take a personal interest in your health care.


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